What’s your Spring?

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Now that it is officially Spring, how do you define your Spring fashion?

Spring Is defined by pastel colors or do you go full fledge bright colors? Are you a floral person? Do you prefer meadows and grass? Whatever category you place yourself in, you can be Spring.
Too many times people are often confused on what makes Spring fashion fit them. I get asked that question All the time. I tell people, Spring is what you make. To make it easier, here are some tips for your selection of Spring styles.

Tip 1: Decide what color you want to speak for you. Be comfortable with the color you select. Once you are comfortable, try various shades of that color against your skin. This will provide you with various options and versatility.

Tip 2: Top or bottom? Decide what feature is your focus. If you are comfortable, you can have both sections represent Spring. If you are focusing on the top, you can choose between pastel colors or bright colors. You can also select floral, bright or pastel stripes tops. The adventure begins at that point. You can use this tip for your bottom, if that is your focus. I am a fan of bright, pastel and prints on the bottom. In the area of print, let your creativity lead you. I cannot tell you the number of print pants that I have and how excited I get each time I wear them.

Tip 3: Enjoy your accessories! Now that it is Spring, accessories can be brought to the front. Yes, we show and use them in the Winter, but now that it’s Spring we can really showcase them. This is the time in which you can select your earrings, necklaces, hats, bracelets and other forms of accessories. If you are unsure of what you like, try them all.
This is the best way to find what speaks to you and what speaks for you. Remember, the purpose of accessories is to accent the outfit we are wearing. I know for me, I enjoy all accessories. I tend to switch up with all my accessories. I do not have a favorite, but the two that I never leave home without are my sunnies and handbag. These two accessories always complete my outfits. When I select my sunnies, I tend to find ones that fit my face.& However, I have sunnies that are oversized and I wear them when I am in the mood for Hollywood glam. What type of sunnies do you wear?
When it comes to selecting handbags, you have various choices. You can select based on color, style, and even designer. In this area, I have handbags that fit all the types I mentioned. My favorite are handbags that fit my personality. Depending on the look I am going for, that will determine the handbag that I choose. When I am in my power boss mood, I tend to select my oversized red or black tote.
These colors reflect my power colors. What are your power colors? When I want to be care free, I select a cross body bag. I find these bags to be fun and easy to carry and to style. People ask where do I find my cross body bags, I tell them consignment shops and thrift stores. Where do you find your cross body bags?

Tip 4: Heel or flat? In defining your Spring, you have the option of weather you are going to bring in heels, stay flat or add a wedge. Either way, you strut your stuff.  If you are unsure about what style to choose, remember these tips: comfort, comfort, comfort. This is most important because nothing is more unfashionable, then someone who is uncomfortable in their shoes! Trust me, it shows. Please select a style in which you can display comfort. If you choose to wear a heel, determine an inch in which you can strut with easy. If a kitten heel works for you, then by all means kitten on. If you can do stilettos, work it out.
If flats are your thing, there are awesome style flats that can assist you in defining your Spring! Just because you are flat, does not mean you are less stylish than someone in heels. If flats and heels are not your thing, try a wedge. To me, this choice is safe and is a crossbreed between the other two styles. You get your height and comfort at the same time. Wedges are awesome in their own right. So many colors and styles to choose from. The styling with this type of shoe is endless and will keep you on your fashion toes. Are you willing to try a wedge? I know I am.

Tip 5: Putting it all together! With the tips that were given, are you able to define your Spring? Whatever you decide, have fun and let your style fit your personality. When defining your Spring, incorporate your personality in all you wear. This will assist you in selecting your Spring clothing, actually all your clothing for all seasons. If you are unsure about your personality, take a look at the colors you wear the most. If you select dark colors, you may have a quiet personality. This is an awesome personality, because in your own way, you may draw people in or choose to keep them out. It’s totally up to you. (No judgement). If you have bright colors, you like to make statements. You enjoy playing with colors and you are not afraid to be daring. I find the majority of my closet consists of bright colors. Maybe that’s why I love to be the life of the party and anything with color I tend to grab when shopping. If this is you, bright and bold, color on! No matter what colors you wear the most, you are awesome and no one can be you!
That is your supper power and that’s how you define your Spring!

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