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Welcome everyone to a complete overview guideline of digital marketing. We will know each detail about ‘digital marketing’ in short. We are going to learn here what is digital marketing? From when it came into trend? What are the things involved in it? And What its future?

So let’s begin with the first question comes to your mind after hearing the term ‘digital marketing’. What is digital marketing?
=> Basically we all know what is Marketing. It’s the process of influencing for selling any product or services through advertisement to customers. Now, we all know that all the things are coming digitally. So digitally influencing to sell any product or service is called digital marketing.

Now the second question may appear in your mind. From when it’s in trend and why everyone is crazy about providing services and learning this?
=> With time everything gets change and as we live globally then to have the touch with global we are using internet. And everything is shifting to digital world. The percentage of internet users is increasing day by day. So from Last few year digital marketing is in trend and as because everything is shifting digitally so there is huge opportunity in this field. That’s why people are crazy on this field.

Till now it’s clear to you that what is digital marketing. Now we will know below the things comes under digital marketing and what are the skills required for them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Optimization of your webpage or application or YouTube channel or anything that is publicly available for all and you want its promotion. Optimization such like that people search anything related to your service or product they can reach to you. Different things matter in SEO for different places. as for example –
For blog or website – on-page-optimization. Optimization of your page through whatever you give your content information and quality to the search engines. (Keywords, length of article, meta tags, url, h1 & h2 tags, responsive design, page linking, page speed, ssl certificate etc.)
off-page-optimization. How many referring domain you have for your site that matters in off-page-optimization. we call them backlinks.
Beside these as per the algorithm of search engine, seo matters.

Advertisement campaign – Running advertising campaign is a most beneficial now a days as most people spend their lots of time on social media.
Targeting the right person is what skill you need to run a good campaign so that the conversion rate be more. Steps to follow when you are targeting audience through advertising.
step 1  – Choose the right place of advertisement. For this you need to analyse your product and audience. Facebook, Google are the two biggest advertising platform.
step 2 – Analysis your targeted audience. For example, find out either thats male or female or both. What’s the age group for your campaign, What’s the area and most important what is the diameter of that area? Is that any specific search specialist?
These are some common and most important thing that you should care about your  advertisement campaign.

Social Media Marketing – Now a days social media marketing is in much trend as people are spending much time on social media.
One need to be a social influencer for social media marketing. To understand about social media marketing i would like to give you an example. People helping you for the things on Facebook group or YouTube by sharing their knowledge and experience on the things are social influencer. They may have their own product or sponsor product. They influence you to buy that thing or service. And as we do follow them so we do also buy the things jf it’s necessary for us. You need to be a social influencer to be a social media marketer.

Web analytics – Understanding the right audience and target them is what comes under web analytics.
We will understand web a analytics from the below example. If you have any blog on heath niche and you want to sell pads to them but you don’t get best conversion rate as your most audience are male.
So you have to analyse well, who are your audience. As for health niche blog and to provide them spa services in a city you must check the following thing of your audience.
They should be female. Their age group should be 15 -30, must be a fashion lover, Her location should be near your spa center, etc

Email marketing – Now a day’s email marketing is it in trend. And it is a most popular and profitable way of marketing. Generally in marketing one do have his own area in which people listen to them or he/she is good in selling in that particular area but in digital marketing it differs somewhat due to digital world and the digital marketer have large opportunity to sell their product or service.

How emails are collected?

There is huge techniques of collecting emails in digital marketing. Among them the most popular ways of collecting the emails are
Sign up form – The sign up form we generally get in blogs or website is one of the way to collect our emails. And by signing up we get their latest updates of blogs or any kind of service providing website it’s necessary to have sign up form if you wish to have collection of email database.
pop-up window – Several times you may have noticed one pop-up window appears in our screen after staying in that website for few minutes. And you can subscribe their news subscription. This is also also one of the way of email extractor. people generally subscribe that particular blog from which they get quality articles and need of similar article farther.
Navigation bar :- Several time when you visit any website you see a navigation bar asking for email address. This way there may be left, right navigation bar or there may also be a hidden navigation bar. Several time mistakely email address are auto captured.

These were some most used and popular ways to get email IDs leads for email marketing. And i would like to recommend you personally not to buy any email database.

Content Marketing – To be a social influencer or a youtuber you must need content for which people get value and they add with you.
So you need to choose a niche which you like and educate people in which you are master.

I wish i could clarify all the doubt about digital marketing. It’s a very vast topic to finish in a article though i tried my best to give you all information together.

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