Things to keep in Mind while Purchasing a SmartPhone

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Things to keep in Mind while Purchasing a SmartPhone….. 


Smartphone – A Device having the capacity of making life so simple and easy to live. In this technical world, we can’t survive for an hour without a smartphone. Our phone means everything to us and we can’t take it for granted. 

Either we want food or a cab to travel, either it’s a movie ticket or a flight ticket, we can order it online with our smartphone in just no time. And that’s a reason for which a smartphone adds an important space in any human beings life. 

But wait, what happens when we go for a mobile shopping? Many of us get confused about which mobile should I purchase? We don’t have proper knowledge about how to buy a smartphone and sometime we just go with a wrong decision. 

So, here in this article, I’m gonna share some of the tips you should keep in mind before you purchase any smartphone device. 

Brand of the Smartphone – 

The very first thing is the brand of the SmartPhone. A Branded smartphone covers too many protections with itself, but a non-branded SmartPhone might be a risky decision for your-self. 

So whenever you go for a mobile shopping, you should keep in mind that, you will purchase a branded smartphone. 

Brands costs are higher but they also provide the service according to that price. And also every brand has it’s own speciality that attracts the clients. 

Some of the most trusted brands in the global markets are – Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony and some others.

Body Design of SmartPhone 

The beauty of a SmartPhone get defined by the Design of the smartphone. Not every smartphone get it’s best design, but there are some of the phone which have their design so unique and smooth that we can’t ignore them. 

For example, iPhone 5 was designed so smooth that a person can carry in hand. It was so light to handle and easy to grip, the designed was so smooth that it was my all time favourite in the list of designing. 

iPhone X is the another example for the best design in the smartphone with appropriate screen size and comes with the unique design. 

In Android, Samsung S8 was designed with a flagship design which just amazed the eyes in it’s first look. The designing of the phone was just royal and it was easy to handle smartphone. 

And that’s why I prefer to have a smartphone which has a decent design and always be easy to operate & use. Also, the gripping and the body of the device should be strong.

Processor & CPU

In any smartphone or tablet, Processor and CPU are the key parts of the device. 

If the processor used in the smartphone is too slow or too ancient, the device will not work fast either you fixed high quality parts or a high quality CPU. 

When you purchase any of the smartphone, you can check the cores of the processor and also the version of the processor. For example – Qualcomm Octa Core Snapdragon 883 Processor. 

CPU which is the Central Processing Unit, also plays an important role with the processor. If the smartphone has a latest version processor but the CPU is not latest then the speed of the smartphone just get reduced.

So before you purchase a smartphone always check the Processor and CPU of the mobile.

Camera of the SmartPhone

Now a days, if your phone has a decent camera, you don’t need a 



Video Camera

As your smartphone can do all the things, which mentioned above can do. 

In today’s market, A SmartPhone should have a decent megapixel camera as well as selfie camera. 

But wait, don’t just go with the megapixels of the camera, also make sure the other features of the camera. Like, focal length, aperture, OIS and there are also many such things which we should check with the MegaPixel because, higher MegaPixel is just simply means on how much high print you can view that image. 

So, always check the camera of the smartphone. 

Sensors of the SmartPhone 

Sensors are also the important features of the smartphone now a days. As Smartphone companies provide numbers of Sensors which makes a device more Smart and Useful. 

When you purchase a smartphone, there are some basic sensors which you should check before you own it.






These 5 sensors are the basic sensors which are used in our day to day life, and every smartphone should have it. 

Security Feature of Mobile

Never Compromise with the Security. You should purchase a smartphone which provides you more security options. 

At this time, almost all of the mobiles provide finger scanner security system which protects the mobile.

But some mobiles offer face unlock system, which is actually more secure and advance but not all devices use the real face recognise system. 

For example, in iPhones where face unblock feature is used, the dot projector sensor in the phone makes a mask and numbers of dots on our face and recognise it with multiple factors. But not all the other companies which provide face unlock do the same.

Because in cheap phones manufacturer never use the security process like Apple who is famous for the security. 

So, if you buy a flagship phone then you can trust the face unlock system otherwise don’t just go in the loops of the companies who told you about their face unlock in cheap rates. It’s risky for you. 

Instead of that type of face unlock, your pin code are more secure and trustworthy. 

And here is a tip, if you still use pattern lock in phone, switch to pin codes because patterns are not secure. 

Battery of the SmartPhone

Battery is the power house of the phone, without battery you can’t operate any mobile phone. 

This is also a point where you should choose a device wisely. Because, we perform almost all the task with the smartphone. But sometimes the charging of the phone got vanish and many of our important work get stuck. We feel helpless at that time and we need to carry a power bank, so we can charge our phone at any location and any time. 

But if our smartphone has a sufficient amount of battery, then life becomes easier. So, when you purchase a smartphone, try to choose the one who has a battery power of minimum 3500mAh, which is not sufficient but is OK. And if you get any device more than this, that’s a bonus point for you. 

Color of the SmartPhone 

Beauty comes with colour, and if the colour is not well the design is not well. All the designs of the smartphone has a colour range but one colour in the range suits the phone most. 

Always try to buy that one colour model, as you are paying for a mobile, then why don’t we choose the best of the colour. 

So this is it for the guide, I hope you liked the tips. Thanks for reading the article.

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