Professional IT courses which are expected to have a bright future.

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The world is getting digital. In a country like ours, we are in a transitional period where everything around us is getting digital or becoming automated. Building a career in the IT industry is the right approach as the majority of the job is in this orbit. However, with the diversity in career options, it is difficult to choose the best from them. There are several factors one must clarify before picking the right domain.
What is the probability of getting a job? How much difficult it is to learn? How much CTC the companies will provide averagely? What future beholds for that domain? These are a few questions one generally pops up in our head. That is why we are here to suggest 5 IT courses that will have an expected bright future. Please remember, we are here to discuss our views. We might skip a few, but hopefully, we will justify the list.
Java: Java is till date world’s most popular open source programming language for more than 20 years now. With its speed, readability and compatibility, Java is the fan-favourite among reputed enterprises globally. The average CTC of a Java developer in India is ₹25000 and has adequate career opportunities to work and enhance their respective skills. Now, one can argue it is difficult to learn Java, but with proper guidance will surely make it understandable. DigiBask, a Kanpur based Java training institute offers an interactive course defining every minute details with a very realistic approach, therefore, helps learners to get placed successfully.
Android: Mobiles phone and tablets are the symbols of advancement. Now, as per recent statistics, 85% of the global mobile phone users use Android OS. That number is 65% on Tablets. Therefore, it is the perfect time to learn Android OS to build apps for infinite mobile-app development companies across the globe. Companies pay approximately ₹20,000 averagely in India. If you have sound knowledge in Java, Android shouldn’t be tough for you. However, you will need proper guidance to learn Android. DigiBask offers an interactive Android training with live projects to feed you the knowledge to rule the industry.
Software Testing: A Software Automation tester validates a software package through running a series of tests. This job is extremely crucial as the fate of that software depends on it. In India, software development companies pay ₹25,000 averagely to QA testers. These companies understand the value of Software Automation testers. So, the future seems illuminating for the QA testers. However, software automation is difficult to learn. There are several tools available to grasp in the first go. DigiBask is one of best software testing training institutes, located in Kanpur. Our live project environment will elevate the skillset of a QA tester and make them industry-ready.
Digital Marketing: Having a digital presence has become mandatory for any business identity. Digital Marketing circulates brand awareness in various internet media. Today, any business owner understands the power of the Internet. Thus, Digital Marketing is such a popular profession now. Companies pay ₹15,000 average monthly salary in India. Digital Marketing is relatively easy to understand. Therefore, easy to choose as a profession. However, the competition is this profession is immense, so will need professional guidance from an expert digital marketing training institute, DigiBask, who offers a detailed course module that will make you an expert in this industry.
Python: Python is a next-generation computer language that we have hand-picked in this list because of its potentiality. Software development companies like this language for its dynamic-type system and automatic memory management. Companies pay more than ₹30000 monthly salary to an entry-level employee. Python is a multipurpose programming language. It focusses on the readability of codes to deliver the perfect solutions to a variety of Industries. So, companies will always hire python developers. Learning Python is difficult, so need a professional touch to master. DigiBask offers an interactive Python training course to carefully placed you in this industry.
All these professions are or have the potentiality to be the perfect career option depending on your career interests and academics. All these professions also answer the questions that we have raised above. You can choose your career option based on your preference. You can also consult your career options for free with DigiBask. We are an IT based training institute located in Kanpur who provides training in all these illuminating career options.

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