International Shipping from the US to North Korea for Wholesale Apparels and Bags

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North Korea is a tightly controlled state where there are so many harsh realities sitting in the dark; one cannot fathom what will come next on the news when North Korea’s name appears. Named as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; it is in the commencement of its economic growth. Command Economy is what North Korea runs its states and after the brutal and long-fought Korean War; the economy is getting better day-by-day but not without loans and grants and of course imports from the outside world; which North Korea doesn’t like much to accept assistance.

Due to this; imports are essential for this beautiful and different land. If we talk about Apparel industry; importing fabric and clothes from other countries, the especially leading exporter will give you an edge in building your economy and grooming the civilization. North Korea; itself is a successful garment industry exporter. Many companies are outsourcing their production in North Korea; daily-wage being less than almost all under-developing countries in the world; giving rise to the jobs there for workers. North Korea is the place where”Vinylon” came into existence.
Importing apparels from the USA to North Korea; it has a long history.

One of the many factors involving this could be the dictatorship in their country indicating them what to wear and what not; many things are far more appealing in the eyes of North Korean related to the States.
The wholesale market is an essential aspect in every country, be it North Korea or the States. Importing apparels from the USA to North Korea at wholesale rates will affect the North Korean economy significantly. Why? Till this date; the US is the sole exporter of best quality fabric worldwide.

There was a debate as to who can a country have wholesale rates t-shirts customized as per their liking importing into their country through another? Now; the answer is simple.

This industrial growth is the advancement is. Many wholesale stores are now working on international levels. There are numerous whole selling stores for importing wholesale t-shirts from the USA to North Korea with American premium quality fabric, unparalleled stitching, high-definition embroidery services, and printing, etc.; which North Korea has yet to gain in their textile industry.

Here is a list of few best wholesale stores for importing apparels from the USA to North Korea as well as importing wholesale t-shirts from the USA to North Korea
Web: wholesale store
Address: Inc. 3030 N Rocky Point Dr. Suite # 150, Tampa, FL, 33607, USA.
Toll Toll-Free: +1-888-551-0950
INTL: +1-813-344-0919
Hours: Mon-Fri (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST)
Email: [email protected]
T-shirts are an informal part of every country’s attire. Be it North Korea or the States; T-shirts is something you cannot just leave out and live without in your wardrobe. This site, from where you can buy almost every kind of American brand T-shirts at fantastic prices and choose from their large variety to the collection. There are many advantages if you import T-Shirts from the US to North Korea from this online store. Not only do they have brands of every kind, but their quality is also exceptional giving the fact that they are providing you the bulk quantity at wholesale rates.

Furthermore; every piece undergo the Quality Assurance check before it is will be ship to North Korea, to you. If you wish to have customized T-shirts from them for your store or your employees in bulk with exceptional quality of fabric and stitching with detail embroidery of logo or any other artwork; they fulfill this wish as well, and that too professionally without charging you many dollars. With this; they have a sophisticated shipping system for exporting their orders to you within 2-3 days.

2- USA Tees
Address: 6509 11th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA
Phone: +1 718-232-2744
Hours: Opens 8 A.M.
Importing apparels from the USA to North Korea or importing wholesale t-shirts from the USA to North Korea; this is another best option you can opt for while ordering.
They know what they are doing, with the perfect skill set to do what needs to do for you. Order from them and wait for your t-shirts to reach you in no time with a quality product you will be amazed to see.

3- T-shirt Wholesale Mart
Address: 1502 Highland Ave, National City, CA 91950, USA
Phone: +1 619-791-1143
Hours: Opens 9:30AM
For you to importing apparels from the USA to North Korea or importing wholesale t-shirts from the USA to North Korea; T-shirt Wholesale Mart is another stop to shop. With a good variety of collection for T-shirts or any other garments; you can have a look at this store too. Getting your T-shirts embroidered with any Logo/artwork you like; they can do it for you. No charges for graphic designing for selection, best quality, fine print, and H.D. quality embroidery; we can say this is a good store in terms of both: price with the quality for you.

4- Style Wear & Co
Address: 9945 Harwin Dr. C, Houston, TX 77036, USA
Phone: +1 832-677-7316
Hours: Opens 10AM
There are more than hundreds of online store from which importing apparels from the USA to North Korea and importing wholesale t-shirts from the USA to North Korea can achieve, but this is the best of the best you must try before going to others. Style Wear Inc. is an accomplish producers of high-quality T-shirts; be it T-shirts, polo shirts, etc. This store aims for a label that wants you to have very own style, unique in every aspect. The exceptional customer cares services; you will have a dream shopping experience with them. 
North Korea and the States may have some serious issues regarding the politics and other, but the Apparels industry remains strong. The wholesale market is flourishing in every part of the world and having the roots in the US while shipping their goods to other parts of the world;.

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