How to solve hang problem of pc

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How to solve hang problem of pc


Hello guys, Are you trouble with pc hang issue? Or your pc got slow. It may be slow or hang issue, this article will help to solve your both kind of problem.
So, In this article first i am going to discuss about all the activities we do which affect our pc. Then i will give you the master tips that will help you to short out those problem. And at last some advices or tips to use pc smoothly. Stay with the article upto last to get my points.

Why our pc get hang or get slow?
There is no any particular reason for slow down or hang for your PC. There are several reasons on which your PC get slow. Some of them are.
Virus – We use different external pen drives, memory card, or any external file which includes viruses that cause your pc to slow down or hang.
Corrupted files – Several time some outsource corrupted files can also cause damage for your pc.
Heating – Several times we misuse with our pc that we use it heavily and it gets heated. When it’s getting heated means your processor of pc is unable to take so much load and not getting proper cooling. The fan which is feared for cooling of your pc is not enough.
Unethical activity with pc – When we want our pen drive back after file downloading into pen drive. We take out the pen drive without ejecting it. One more thing we do. That we directly switch off pc without closing the running applications.
Electric power – In case of laptop, using it while low charge or in shut down condition cause error. In Case of desktop, Directly plug out the device without shutting it down may cause error.
Missing files – So many new user deleted their windows file from C drive. As the result they face problem with booting their system.
Hardware issue – When you carry your laptop one place to another and it gets dash with something of fallen down from your hand but not break. Although it may create slow down or hang issue.

These were some common mistakes we do besides these a lots of mistake we do which causes slow down or hang our pc.
After knowing our simple mistakes let’s talk about how to solve hang problem or slow issue of our pc.

*[These are some steps which you should follow if your pc got slow or gets hang. It’s not guarantee that your pc will get recovered 100% because you don’t know the proper cause.]

Shut down your pc – This is the first step which you should follow if you are facing slow down or hang issue of your pc. If it gets resolved then you no need to care about anything.
Scan your full pc – If you are using any other antivirus as quick heal, kaspersky, Net protector etc. then it’s good but if no. Then scan your pc with windows defender.
Scan pen drive before data transfer – When you input pen drive scan it either it show you infected notice or not. It will cause free from virus to your pc.
Delete unnecessary download file -If you have downloaded software or files from un-trusted source then delete those files. Files download from un-trusted website may contain virus or file may be corrupt.
Use premium antivirus – Free antivirus don’t be so effective. Freeware doesn’t give you a all-round protection so always use a premium antivirus which gives you total protection.
Update windows – Always keep your windows updated. Updating windows will resolve all the windows issue.
Uninstall unnecessary installed files – If you have installed a lots of application which even not of use. Then uninstall all that kind of software because the application install on your RAM.
Update antivirus and all necessary software – As per windows, you have to update all your software applications and antivirus regularly. There is lots of bugs and new viruses on internet so you need to update regularly your antivirus if you use internet heavily.
Insert external RAM – If you are is slow after trying all above mentioned steps then you need to add extra RAM. Extra RAM will increase your pc capacity of handling application together. Remember some pc doesn’t support external RAM.
Format your pc – If you have enough RAM, You are using a premium version of antivirus and scanning regularly. Though If you face slow issue with you pc or hang issue then you must format it. [disclaimer – Formatting your pc will delete everything from your pc. If you full format your pc. Then you need to create drives as per your required space, Need windows file to install. So don’t format your pc if you are new. You need to take backup. Ask a expert one for pc formatting]

I wish above mentioned steps could help you to get a faster pc. If yet your pc not get resolved then comment below in comment section.
Now, we will talk about how to use your pc smoothly.

If you use laptop then always keep full charge. Do not use your laptop when charge gets down below 15 %. And if you are using desktop then don’t switch off pc without shutting it down.
Always use a premium and 100% protective antivirus. Full scan your pc weekly once. Scan all the device you input externally.
Always keep your system updated. Update your windows, Update your applications of your pc. And most important update your antivirus time to time.
Power off your pc for some time after using it for long time. It cools your pc processor and helps you from damage.
Don’t play large size of games on your normal pc. For gaming use gaming laptops.
So many new user delete windows folders which cause messing file. So don’t delete any windows file.
If you carry your laptop here and there then use safety bags which are specially designed for laptop. It protects your pc from external damage.

I wish this article was helpful for you to resolve your hang or slow down issue of your computer. If you have any doubt then comment below.

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