Begin Your Blogging Journey- Beginner’s Guide Did you ever think of being a Blogger?

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Begin Your Blogging Journey- Beginner’s Guide Did you ever think of being a Blogger?


If yes, then it’s great idea!
There is a lot of information on blogging community out there which gives you enormous amount of idea’s to begin with but whom do you want to listen to is the question. After reading or hearing all those things you might feel that it’s too confusing and finally just loose the interest even before starting your blogging journey.
Well, speaking the truth blogging is no big deal at all. However in the initial stage everyone feels the same but only the strong ones survive and enjoy the rest journey.
In the beginning of blogging journey I felt the same awkward thing. After a while it just took me around a month to completely understand what a blog was. But now I am too much familiar to this community and trust me if you are reading this you will surely master the art of blogging.
Cool now let’s move on to important stuff.
It’s easy to set up your own personal blog and it’s important to know the actual benefits before doing any of this stuff.
NOTE: If you already have an idea about the benefits then just proceed to next part.
You have some cool and useful stuff which you wish to share with others by expressing yourself in a unique way.
Your writing skill enhances and you become a better person.
One of the best reasons is that you actually earn money from your passion.

This is exactly what you need to do to get started as fast as possible within no time. Actually you need not be a master coder to design an entire blog all by your own it’s good to hear this right?

At first you need to decide where you want to setup your entire blog. So I am going to say go with WordPress as it is the best platform till date. There is no doubt that you might have heard the name before as it is one of biggest blogging platforms in the world with infinite layouts and design for your blog.
You will be surprised to know the fact that there are around 82 million users who are active  now in WordPress which is basically a lot.
You may also find other similar to WordPress as listed below:
Blogger- After WordPress I personally prefer blogger.
Tumblr- Very easy to use. Connects social networl to your blogs.
Initially selecting WordPress will definitely help you in enormous ways:
Easy to handle
Best interface with easy set-up
Provides you millions of free layouts as well as best designes.
In case if you need help then there’s always a massive support.
People will easily you and your hidden talent.

You need to be sure whether to pay for your blog or just seek a free one. Everything that comes for free does have downsides:
You however will not be able to get your own domain name as you are using a free one. As it is a free blog the blog’s web address will looks ugly and quite shabby. For example if you wish to choose WordPress then your blog address will be something like this
There are basically many limits to free blogs as you cannot monetize it and in worst case you can’t even get access to free themes offered by WordPress.
On the other side, if you prefer to go with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name then you are the real owner of your blog. Hosting and domain name will not cost you much as it will be around $5 to $10 per month which basically depends on you hosting plans.

I seriously hope that after all this discussion we had you’ve chosen WordPress and if not then I seriously recommend as it’s the best to start your carrier with.
DOMAIN: You will have to choose your own domain name which is basically URL of your website where other people find your content.
HOSTING: It is actually a company which deposites your website onto the internet so that everyone else can visualize it. It is basically a storage area like a computer hard drive on the internet where your blog is being saved.
DISCLOSURE: I personally recommend you to use GoDaddy for web hosting as it’s one of the cheapest and the one of the best providers out there and will automatically install WordPress on your blog. I have just given my suggestion if you wish to choose any other host provider then feel free to go with it.
Later when the WordPress is successfully installed onto your website then all you have to do is to go ahead and start your blogging work.

Now the fun part starts.
The outer look of your blog grabs the attention of the reader and you can actually design it in any fashion or manner as you wish. Maintain the look of your blog totally professional and neat so that it is seeks the vision of the reader. Never miss the fact that your blog reflects both you and your personality including your blog content.
Moreover it should be easy for other people to locate you and if it’s too tricky then people won’t stay too long as your followers. You might feel that content is always the king and layout or theme doesn’t matter much then remember a fact that no likes ugly websites how good your content may be.


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